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Click Competition  - FB Fun App
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Which Politician you Resemble With? - Click here
Put Your Friends Names on Coke Bottles! Click here
Your Top 3 Friends? - Facebook Fun App
What kind of Best Friend you are? - Facebook app
What are the Hidden Secrets of Your Life - Its Fun. You will love it.
Which Car Suits Your Personality - Its Fun. You will love it.
Marriage Prediction - Check your marriage prediction
Create a Coca Cola with Your Name & Share it with Friends - FB Fun App
Google Yourself and Check What Google Knows About You - FB Fun App
Get Your Facebook Degree - FB Fun App
Create Your Facebook ID Card Now - FB Fun App
Find Who Has a Secret Crush on You - FB Fun App
Find Your Coke Partner and Share a Coca Cola - FB Fun App
Find Friends Who Will Always Be There For You - FB Fun App
How Much Cool Are You? - Check how cool you are
Facebook Profile Analyzer - FB Fun App
How Much Sexy Are You? - Check how sexy you are
Find Your Lucky Number - FB Fun App
How Much Honest Are You? - Check how honest you are
Know Which Love Story Resembles Your Love Story - FB Fun App
Check How Much Are You In Love Today - FB Fun App
How Much Naughty Are You? - Check how naughty you are
Which Celebrity Your Partner Will Resemble - FB Fun App
How Much Lucky Are You? - Check how lucky you are
Find Where Will You Spend Your Honeymoon - FB Fun App
How Much Romantic Are You? - Check how romantic you are
How Many People Are Talking About You? - Xee fun apps
Facebook Passport - Create Your Facebook Passport Card Now!
Create Your Google ID Card Now!
Find Which Friend Cares For You The Most - FB Fun App
Find Which Tree Suits Your Personality
Find Which Friend is Lucky For You - FB Fun App
Find Why Boys or Girls are Crazy For You - FB Fun App
Find Hidden Meaning of Your Name - FB Fun App
Create a Lovely Photo Album With Your Friends - FB Fun App
Find How Sad are You Today - FB Fun App
Find the Hidden Qualities in You - FB Fun App
Find Which Cartoon Character Matches Your Personality - FB Fun App
Send Your Friends a Cool Friendship Cheque just for fun - FB Fun App
Find What Your Partner Will Do For You - Its Fun - FB Fun App
Jail Your Friend, Just For Fun - FB Fun App
Find Your Daily Horoscope - Facebook fun apps
How Happy Are You Today - FB Fun App